25th of June Day of the seafarer

Good day to our Beloved Seafarers! It is undisputable that Covid-19 has impacted the daily lives and wellbeing of all of you in unprecedented ways and led to a humanitarian crisis at sea, where have been hundreds of thousands of seafarers stranded working aboard ships beyond the expiry of their contracts. We at Optimum recognizes all your hard works as frontline workers of the Seas and the vital role you play in ensuring the global flow of goods that the World depends on. Therefore in celebration of the International Day of the Seafarer on June 25, 2021, we would like to join us on a Photo contest which it is open to all our seafarers onboard and ashore with the theme “Good times at Sea in the midst of the Pandemic”. Criteria of the Photo contest are the following: 1. Photo entry must show relevance to theme 2. There will be one photo entry per seafarer and it can be a group photo or a solo photo 3. The picture should be taken during the pandemic period. 4. We should always follow and take into consideration the social media policy of the company in submitting your photo entry. 5. There will be 3 pictures that will be shortlisted by a committee, which will be shaped for that reason from Optimum and Manning Agencies representatives 6. The awards will be 500$ for the first winner, 300$ for the second winner and 200$ for the third winner. Photo entries must be submitted on or before June 30 to the Group email “Seafarers Day” with the following address We look forward to your cooperation and enthusiasm in participating to the photo contest.