Annual Company Team Building 2023

The annual team building activity  of 88 Aces Maritime was held on June 23-24 at Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel in Subic Bay.  One Team, One goal was the theme of the event. Group teams were formed to take part in the different activities prepared by the facilitators.  The first two group-games were played by each team with strategy combined with wit to vie for the 1st place.  The “tug of war” game was a test of stamina, grit and determination for all the participating teams. The adrenaline of each team kept on pumping as they played the beach volleyball at the beach front. 

The activities on the first day was wrapped up with an awarding ceremony in the evening. Clad in their best white outfit, all the employees savored the social night with fun and laughter.

All through-out the event, the Yellow team had standout performance as they were declared the over-all champion followed by the Blue team at 1st place, Green team was at 3rd place and finally, the 4th place went to the White team.

The second day was a free-time for all.  They took time to dip in the pool and enjoyed the beauty of the sun and the beach.

Teamwork is an important aspect to make an organization a better place to work, and we believe that we have achieved the objective of this year’s team building through these activities.