At 88 Aces Maritime Services Inc., we have a stern stance in performing our duties and responsibilities with the highest ethical standards, pursuing outmost integrity in all of our transactions such as, but not limited to:

  • Transparency with Company books, records, and deals
  • Maintaining confidentiality and anonymity with an open-reporting process of illegal or unethical behaviors within the company
  • Compliance with the updated statutes, laws, and regulations existing in the country
  • Avoiding any form of conflict of interest, nepotism, and shady corporate deals and opportunities
  • The pursuit of fair competition in terms of biddings and sponsorships as well as Establishing and following Anti-Bribery and Corruption policies
  • Proper stewardship of assigned company assets
  • Respecting the privacy and personal space of co-workers, and adhering to non-discrimination and harassment policies
  • Caring for the environment and the significant reduction of carbon footprint
  • Maintaining occupational health and safety policies