At 88 Aces Maritime Services Inc. we are committed to a zero incident workplace. We aim to provide healthy and safe working conditions through the implementation of policies and procedures which comply with national and international regulations as well as relevant standards and guidelines.

At 88 Aces Maritime Services Inc, we have established a Management System which:

  • Promotes safe practices in ship operations;
  • Maintains a safe and healthy working environment, taking into consideration the holistic development of the seafarers;
  • Prevents damage to the cargo, the vessel, and the environment. Assesses all identified risks to its personnel, ships, and the environment as well as establish appropriate safeguards for operating vessels within a minimal amount of risk;
  • Prevents personal injury and the possible loss of human life;
  • Ensures that the work environment on board ships promotes occupational health and safety;
  • Continuously improves safety skills of personnel ashore and onboard ships;

Plans for emergencies.   88 Aces Maritime Services Incorporated is committed towards to the protection of the marine environment and has established operating practices and specific commitments to: Prevent damage to the environment and endeavor to reduce our impact on the environment.