88 ACES MARITIME SERVICES INC. is committed to safeguarding your personal information pursuant to the provisions of the Republic Act 10173 or the DATA PRIVACY ACT OF 2012. Your privacy is important to us, and we want to assure you that 88 ACES MARITIME SERVICES INC. holds all your personal information in strict compliance with the law, while it allows us to provide the best services you need.


The personal and/or sensitive personal information you provide to identify or contact you such as your Name, Rank, Present Address, E-mail Address, Telephone, and Mobile Number, Birthday, Age, Status, Gender, Religious beliefs, Previous Experiences from other Companies, Vessels, and Principals that you have previously served are necessary information to process your data in relation to your application and to provide you employment.

We may also collect information that is publicly available that is not only limited to sources from other Companies, Organization, or Third-Party partners which already acquired your consent.

All collected paper copies of personal information shall be retained if the person is under the pre-employment process and those with continuously active employment with 88 Aces Maritime Services Inc.  Disposing and destroying of paper copies must be through secured means or shredded by a duly authorized person assigned by the DPO unless authorized or given consent to retain their personal information. We are not keeping any paper copies from the in-active/resigned seafarers and/or from the applicant who for any reason didn't proceed with employment in the Company.

Digital data/information of in-active employment shall be securely deleted and removed from our database after five (5) years.


In collecting your information, our company’s primary purpose is to provide you with the most efficient and effective services of 88 ACES MARITIME SERVICES INC. in manning services. Your personal and/or sensitive information is guaranteed to be used only for the processing of your contract of employment with 88 ACES MARITIME SERVICES, INC. and service fulfillment including promoting our services. Trust that your information shall remain free from any breach and in compliance with the Law.


88 ACES MARITIME SERVICES INC. is prohibited from selling or sharing your personal information with any third party unless it is required by law. We ensure that no unauthorized sharing or distribution of your personal and/or sensitive personal information will happen at our end 88 ACES MARITIME SERVICES INC.   including all its officers, employees, Principals, and third-party providers shall be the only parties who can share access to your personal and or sensitive personal information for the purposes of the application of your contract of employment, processing of your onboard certificates to National Regulatory Administrations,  applying for visas, flag state licenses and certifications, processing of allotments,   customer satisfaction surveys, claims settlement and all other process include under our scope of Provision of Ship’s Crew Manning Services. 


You can access and update your personal and or sensitive personal information as a matter of right, subject to any exceptions as mandated by law. You can review and update any of the information you have given and stored in our system by sending an e-mail to the DPO/ Mr. Alvin Lafuerte, E-mail address:   dpo@shipmanning.net or by completing our internal form QD-DAT-05 REQUEST FOR UPDATING/ERASURE OF PERSONAL DATA. Any of our 88 ACES MARITIME SERVICES, INC.  employees will also be glad to assist you in updating your information.


You may at any time, as part of your legal rights under the data protection law, cancel your consent pertaining to the processing of your personal and/or sensitive information. Request can be done via email to the Data Privacy Officer or by completing the internal company form QD-DAT-03 REQUEST FOR WITHDRAWAL OF CONSENT and submitting the completed form to the DPO.


You have the right to reasonable access to your personal data being processed by the 88 Aces Maritime Services Inc. All concerns, documents, or forms submitted to the DPO shall be received and acted upon within a 30-day lead period. You may inquire or request information regarding any matter relating to the processing of your personal data under the custody of the Organization, including the data privacy and security policies implemented to ensure the protection of your personal data.

You may write and complete the QD-DAT-12_Data Protection and Privacy Complaint Form for any complaint you wish to raise related to your personal information and send it to dpo@shipmanning.net for proper action.

The 88 Aces Maritime Services Inc acknowledges and respects your rights as data subject under the Data Privacy Act, its implementing rules and National Privacy Commission issuances.  We undertake to collect and process your personal information in accordance with the stated legitimate purposes.  Kindly bring to our attention through dpo@shipmanning.net any concern with reference to your personal information including the perceived inaccurate, incomplete, outdated or false information and we will support you and work with you in finding the appropriate remedy and resolution.